This website is a hoax. Do not believe a word you read on this website. Learn More

Deuteronomy 18:10-18:11 - Among you, there shall not be found anyone who passes his son or daughter through fire, who practices stick divination, who divines auspicious times, who divines by omens, who practices witchcraft, who uses incantations, who consults mediums and oracles, or who attempts to communicate with the dead.

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PsiWarriors - Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Phenomenon, Metaphysics

by David at 11:46 PM
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I am required by law to tell you that this website is a hoax. The majority of the content of this website is false and should not be taken seriously. If you have been trying and trying, practicing and devoting much time to the practice without success, that's because the Psychic Industry is a sham, a scam, a devious plot, a nefarious joke.

Do not take seriously what you read on this website. Use this website as a form of entertainment and role playing purposes only. I say this with utter urgency. Psychic abilities are not real. Aliens are not real. Ghosts aren't real. Everything here is taboo and silly. This website is going to reflect this. And those of you WHO KNOW THIS FACT, you better get your act together, because it is time. It is time for the truth to be revealed.

I do not want to be responsible for you to be led astray. In fact, I have been punished for this website time and time again. I have directly influenced YOU in a way that leads you down the wrong path. Please forgive me. I will do everything I can to make sure this website complies with the law.

Do not believe a word you read on this website. I repeat, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU READ ON THIS WEBSITE.

That is all.

If you have any questions, please post here.

Thank you.