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by PrimalBeast at 11:47 PM
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So yesterday was my mother's birthday. I am always appreciative of what she has done for me, but I just truly took it all into perspective, I'm sure that there are many out there who can I agree with me, that all our mothers are warriors in one way or fashion, and that they've just given us so much, supported us through everything and shown us the light when we were scrambling in the darkness looking for a way out. They sacrifice everything for their children, and would give even their own life. All mothers around the world should be respected.

But that wasn't my realization, I was watching a video from the Youtube Channel ("PanicToFreedom") A sub channel of TheSpiritScience. Which was talking about the inside and the outside, and inner peace. You see my most irrational fear is of loss, of losing my gorgeous and amazing girlfriend, to rape or something silly. I have this fear because she is my world, my everything, and my unconditional love was stretched past it's limits when I met her. I was always a compassionate person, even at the age of 5 years old :) But she stretched it farther than I believed possible. (And I believe everything is possible haha!)

And so I laid there, thinking about her, and for the first time, pulling on all my unconditional love. And sending it out to the far reaches and edges of this world. It was erupting from me like a volcano, sprouted out of my chest. I used it, I had it swarm around her, forming into the archangels, and also making this bubble of love around her, that was impenetrable. It spread out around down her feet, creating gorgeous flowers (Just imagine a beautiful forest, with animals and loving light.) (Basically meaning that she will always bring and exist in a lit up world.)

One more thing to add - which led to this realization, was that I watched a video on Youtube, where famous people from all around the world, shared their thoughts on bullying and how to respond. Each one basically agreed that the Bully is not born a bully, and we should not leap at them, yelling bully and being cruel, because then we become the bully. Something makes them that way. And part of my unconditional love "sending" was that I told each person that had "taught me a lesson" that I loved them. Specifically a guy at my school who is seen as the bully, but only because people made him that way.

And now I realize the power of Love, and realize that the key to life is love. In the face of adversity. (I know I sound like a preacher, and that can frustrate people sometimes, but its the truth.) The key to life is Love. The key that opens up every single door in the world, the beautiful "thing" that changes the entire world. (Not just by itself but you get my point.)

"So I wanted to change the world, but I realized that first I must change myself. For when I change myself, I change my family, and in turn my family change the city, the city changes the country, the country changes the nation, and the nation changes the world."
by White'SPIRIT at 3:23 PM
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Also from my long lost dream journal.

The Dream:
I was walking with my sworn brothers (a close knit group of 8 friends including myself and Daniel who had died a week earlier) on TTC road, heading to school. As usual, Daniel and Alvin were walking in front, Sam and Confidence were walking behind them, I and Akon were walking behind the second pair, while Shan was walking behind with J-kid. I was surprised to see Daniel with us, so I said to Akon, "is that not Daniel? I thought he was dead". I left Akon and walked up to Daniel, while Alvin went to walk with Akon, and we talked for a while (can't remember what he said), then he stopped walking, but the rest of us kept walking. I turned to look at him, he was smiling and waving at us, and Akon said, "He's going to be so lonely". Then I woke up.

A Side Note:
On the night Daniel died, I was chatting with him on a local social network, I'd updated my status to "Death is not something to be afraid of, it's just a transition from life to life". (A quote I made up). And he immediately posted "Illuminataaaay!!!!!" (as he was fond of saying whenever I said Anything related to death, psionics, astral projection and the rest of the "mystical stuff", He used to say Psionics is part of the Illuminati.), I laughed and began explaining the stuff to him, saying that in death our soul leaves our body when our bodies can no longer function/sustain life and moves on to exist in another dimension, in a place destined for it. And he replied with "Lol! illuminataaay, I hear you. I'll be right back, got to attend to something".

But he never came back...

The Premonition:
A week earlier, we were saying good byes to each other as we were through with school for the semester and were packing up to go home, I had a bad feeling one of us wouldn't return, I thought it was Sam because he was very sick at the time, then I thought it would be Alvin because he was the Casanova kinda guy and always got in serious trouble that the rest of us had to fight to get him out of. But I just waved it off, saying if anyone's going to die, it should be me. I said goodbye to my brothers, hugged Akon who was my favorite, as I got to the door, I whispered under my breath "you guys should be careful, don't get involved in Anything that would kill anyone of us.", I looked back and Daniel was sitting on one of the chairs, smiling at me, then he said "Aww! look at him, he misses me already. Go home bro! don't miss me." I laughed and left.

The Event:
A week later (on the night I last discussed with him), he was stabbed on the arms and neck with a broken bottle on his way to the store to get stuff for his mom. No one knows How it happened, but we assumed he got into a fight with two guys who wanted to rob him but ran away when they saw that they had inflicted fatal injuries, (some "witnesses" on another street said they saw two guys running so fast out of the street he was murdered. This is why we assumed it was they that killed him.) It's been a year and 7 months now and the police haven't found the guys.

RIP bro!... funny, My eyes are welling up.
by Ki3th at 10:04 AM
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So for the longest time I've been interesting in making a connection with Higher Self. I have literally tried everything under the Sun to connect, but all to no avail. I thought I made a connection once, but it turned out to just be a Spirit Guide (Zephyria). Well, I was trying out a new method of information gathering and I figured out quite a number of things. First thing I tried was going into some past lives that I already had information on to see if this was indeed a valid method or not. All the feedback I got was spot on. Actually it was even more accurate than I had hoped for so I went deeper and asked more questions. It turns out that I am a really old soul here on Earth. I've had four lifetimes of Earth before this one.

When I started I immediately went to my Celtic past life (which I already had some information on). This was mainly just to test this new method. Worked perfectly. After that, I inquired about the past life before that. The only other past life I knew of was my Atlantean past life. But instead I went to Egypt. I was in some of the old temples and pyramids. Then after that I went back to my Atlantean past life (which I believed to be my first incarnation on Earth). But then I went back one lifetime further to Lemuria! That's where it stopped though.

After going through past lives and getting some information, I inquired about higher self. This man popped up it was kind of an awkward encounter but I had a deep intuitional feeling that this was higher self. So I told him "I want to understand life as you do. You see things in a completely different way and I want to experience that." So he started to show me but then Lower Self popped in to say I wasn't ready for that yet. I still had to wait and learn more here before I would be ready to move on. I was a little saddened, but I understood.

Before I could open my eyes, Higher self told me "Since you got really close to my understanding, you will start to see thing different and understand things different. Be prepared when you open your eyes. The world won't be the same." Boy was he right! I opened my eyes and everything looked like it was underwater. What I was seeing that the natural ambient energy that existed everywhere. It sparkled and radiated this purity that I had never seen before. I gazed into nothingness for quite a while before actually getting up. After I started to move around it slowly faded back into just normal reality, but I sill could see things. Little balls of light are everywhere. I will just see them randomly. I use to see then anyway, but now it's much more common for me. When I'm making food, or reading or anything, I will see one or two just float on by.

The next morning when I woke up was really crazy too! (The dream I had is a story in and of itself as well!) I woke up and stretched a little to get ready for the day and when I looked up, my room was filled with these little balls of light! There were at least 30 of them! They were just floating around exploring my room it looked like. I got really excited and didn't know what to think. I noticed the more excited I got, the more they started to disappear. So I calmed down and just watched them. I didn't think, I didn't move, I just quietly observed, loving every minute of it. They stayed around for a minute or two and then just disappeared.
by Fenix at 11:40 PM
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So how would you personally deal with others knowing about your clairvoyance.. Testing you continiously to see if you are a "fake" or "phony"... You describe to others how the experience is, but from their understanding they hold very stereotypical actions as to how you should act or react.. Ex: People who intentionally lie, and delibertly want you to call them a liar, or how people (a city) come together to play false synchronicity's.. Almost as a direct insult to your experience.. Especically claiming to have a major spike in the reoccurring deja vu moments.. Few months back I would seldomly physically experience a deja vu from my childhood. Routinely a deja vu from either months prior to a week. Now, I have the most potent (hopefully someone can get the meaning of potent, being here terms actually do not need much description.. so cross fingers.. and yay).. So much more potent deja vu's, the experiences where you recognize the "portal" to it, to react as a "deer in headlights" while the whole moment continues.. In a bliss and joy and the experience is just physical but so internally outer body.. or totally outer body?.. Eh help me float the boat.. (aha)..

I go along with what much people around me assume.. The quick identification of nearly every circumstance. Interesting it is to have a literal base of people, entertained by you, some skeptical and others in full support. Only obstacle is that people have many expectations to who I am, basing facts off observation of the unknown.. Being in the now, this is the perfect time to adapt. Senses hightened significantly.. Not just the "paranormal" or whatevs.. The holistic view.. The holistic concept. Using Smell, Sight, Touch, Sound and taste.. and incorporating that with the uncommonly practiced senses.. Meh.. This has turned out to be a ramble and mix around.. but I so enjoy this site.. I have surfed this site before, but expanding within the experience is.. Just so surreal.. Peace when I read your comments, thread topics.. y the whole sha-bang.. I just walk in this world so alone, but not alone.. Knowing all that is going on, others cannot phathom to comprehend that you pick up so many energetic signatures.. Meh, you try and explain only to feel completely drained.. Trying to explain what feels so simple, but in truth some came easy while other attributes came with DUE time. Oh, to be on topic with due time.. I am not a huge fan of constricting labels.. Angels.. God.. Source.. Medium etc.. Idk.. I just live and put effort to support what feels true.. So being that since a young age, having a fluent belief as to what a God is.. I put intention for the belieft that the accomplishments (currently living) in attaining a mastery of life.. No greed or power surge.. & not to be "the better person or right"... That such evolutionizing stages would only occur through pure "good people" have yet to come with a term more fitting.. so stuck since I was young.. No matter what your past, the absolute truth, no lie can dilute.. If you are a collective healing individual.. Intentionally willing to be tested and able to prove your devotion to the most high.. One could accomplish what God would bestow on to you.. Not faking it to make it.. You are just rolling sh*% in sugar.. Not that my belief overruns any others.. but it seemed quiet fair and responsible.. No X-Men people.. Another stereotype. We are much more complex.. (If I could break it down =/) With MY highest ruling (just personal) at a young age I felt as though villians were ignorant to what true power was.. with a fixed point of singularity.. Selfish.. Therefore creating a paranoid, greed/lust, emptiness and countinous want to their own fixation to "power".. Imagine all of the villans you know, and their characteristics... Then to heros.. Understanding limitations, yet for more than themselves willing to embrace a possible higher being.. Just embracing and respecting such a form can be so enlightnening.. Whew and we know the veil is much more.. Ugh, just so frustrating walking around at times, yet.. Understandable.. Learning the "true" meaning of we, Us and the importance of I.. (meh, going into tongues) I can overload on a single day experience.. just so many "That's So Raven" spacing outs.. Like you seem to be staring out like a "regular person" but could be doing so much with so many possibilites.. Well.. I had a big point to make.. may not remember.. May I be struck down if I am shifting energy and consciousness toward ignorant rebellion and acts of vanity.. Which I refuse to believe.. Would not be blessed and have growing productive intents through the tests of trying times. Well do not take the terms I used in this posting as concrete descriptions, I am not best with grammar etc..

This personally is a time, where the external is a factor.. But from within I must accept and fluently control the experience.. (again.. words seldomly express.. como Aristotle put)

But The Sun Does Shine Differently For Me.. ;) (ooohhh, hope someone can comprehend)
Not perfect, growing to "master" if such a goal. Advice and whatever is welcomed!

Much Love! & Through The Most Divine.. May It Guide