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by Rebelladyy999 at 10:24 PM
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I'm starting a group where the goals will be to evolve, learn, and someday change the world. I will teach you, you will teach me, we all teach eachother sort of thing. Not me claiming superiority over you. If you want to obtain power, then this group isn't for you. That feeds the ego. If you want to be lazy, and keep asking me and other people in the group how to do this or do that without doing anything, then this isn't for you either. No fluff included.

If you want to join, comment below why you want to join and what you want to change in this world. I will pm you rather or not you can join. We will be on Skype chat so even people without an advanced phone can join.
by Clotho at 2:55 PM
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1) To begin with, "Research Materials" is non-descriptive, so it has been changed to "Abilities".

2) The abilities have been divided into three categories: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3

Type 1 - Abilities about Seeing. This includes telepathy, clairvoyance (added), astral projection, and dreams, including lucid. Telepathy, astral and lucid, are sometimes "active" abilities, but I've chosen to put them here.

Type 2 - Abilities about Doing. This includes everything that ends in "kinesis" (Except for ChronoK, which has been moved). Some descriptions have been corrected or expanded.

Type 3 - Abilities about Being. This includes all three time travel abilities (Quantum Time Travel AKA Quantum Jumping, Reality Shifting or Altering Reality (added) ; Time Control AKA ChronoK, Standard Time Travel AKA Chronoportation (added); Quantum Tunneling ("Phasing") (added), and Teleportation (added).
3) ESP is a generic term that usually refers to telepathy, but may also refer to other Type 1 abilities. The category will be removed and any threads will be moved to where they belong.

4) Psychokinesis is a generic term for all "kinesis" abilities. All threads will be moved to the appropriate category and the category will be removed. If I see anything that is ACTUALLY about altering reality, it will be moved to the Quantum Time Travel category.

I've done my best to update everything in accordance to the latest information available on the subject of psionics.

A few quick words: One of my biggest pet peeves is people discrediting the abilities or experiences of others, or referring to them as "fluffy", simply because they have never heard of them or experienced them, or have bad information.

If you A) tell someone X is impossible B) call them a liar or C) Invalidate or disrespect what they are saying about their abilities or experiences IN ANY WAY. YOU ARE A TROLL. Expect your account to be locked or have other disciplinary action taken. PERIOD! Psions have enough problems with skeptics. We do NOT need them in our own ranks!
by Clotho at 11:35 AM
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If you are a scientist and I tell you I saw a three-headed alien walking down Main Street; as a scientist you have three responsibilities to me:

1. Respect and ACKNOWLEDGE ME As An Observer - Do not say I was hallucinating or call me delusional. Accept the fact that my senses did INDEED detect SOMETHING, regardless of whether my interpretation of what I saw is accurate or not, because the truth is that you were not there to experience it, therefore have NO information as to what actually happened. If you do not respect me as an observer you are demonstrating DOGMA and bias.

2. ACKNOWLEDGE MY INTERPRETATION as one of a MYRIAD of possibilities, NO MATTER HOW UNLIKELY, because we DO live in a quantum universe where virtually nothing is impossible.

3. INVESTIGATE.- Find out what happened. Perhaps I walked by a cardboard model of "Barney", but because something was covering it, or the angle was wrong or perhaps the lighting was off, or I was tired, my brain interpreted as a three-headed alien instead. Perhaps it was Halloween or there was a costume party nearby and someone was walking around in a three-headed alien costume... or perhaps a fleet of UFO's was observed flying above the area at the time, in which case the three-headed alien possibility suddenly becomes much more likely.

If you do not do these things and I then turn around and go to some channeler who tells me that in fact it was an alien from the planet XENON. YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR JOB AS A SCIENTIST AND YOU HAVE NO ONE BUT YOURSELF TO BLAME! People need ANSWERS and if you don't give them, they will go ELSEWHERE. Dogma breeds "fluffiness". In Law of Attraction, there is a saying "What you resist, persists". Dogma and fluff are extremes at opposite ends of the spectrum, so if you don't want fluff, don't fight it with dogma. Keep an open mind and take the steps, I've indicated above.

Another problem that scientists have is that they live in their own little world and think that if they cannot reproduce it in their lab, then it does not exist! The universe is not here to cater to introverted, myopic scientists. Unusual experiences, events and phenomena happen EVERYWHERE - in your living room, in a forest, on the street... it doesn't matter. Many of these things cannot be "reproduced in a lab" so they must be studied where they occur. Worse, a dogmatic scientist will never be able to reproduce these things in the lab because of the very "nature of the beast". We are dealing with MIND POWER, which is extremely sensitive to the laws of quantum.

THE OBSERVER AFFECTS THE OBSERVED - THEREFORE: IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE- YOU WILL NOT OBSERVE! PERIOD! As an interesting experiment I would like each of you to consider this question: Will your abilities work better in the company of other Psions or a group of skeptics? I would hazard to guess... In the company of other Psions. Why? Because belief affects the outcome. For me skeptics are like poison. Their...
by Clotho at 2:36 PM
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Radionics machines are machines that boost psychic and psionic abilities, therefore at least an awareness that they are there and available is a MUST for any Psion..

They also help in "manifesting". (a fancy and modern word for "spell work" for those unfamiliar)

They come in four different types: paper, cardboard, software and electronic. For those that are low on funds that wish to experiment with this, you can try either a "paper" radionics machine or a free and excellent software called "Cybershaman VIII".

I am not sure if anyone on this forum is familiar with this subject, so if not, I will post some starter threads when time allows.
by Clotho at 1:14 PM
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For me the word "Otherkin" is fluff, but the concept is NOT. For those who feel "Otherkin-ny", consider yourselves defended! One of the main problems with psionics is that oftentimes people experience things and they do not understand what they are experiencing. Perhaps they have never read about it or know anyone else who it has happened to, so knowing it's real for them, but not knowing what it is, they make up a "name", or give it a "label". Then along comes another person (who doesn't know the first one) and has never read anything about it either and THEY experience it, so what do THEY do? They give it ANOTHER name, and then confusion ensues, arguments etc...

It's really all about finding out who YOU are. People need labels. As you develop spiritually you find that you are connected to this thing or that thing, or feel like a "this" or a "that", so you give yourself a "label", I'm a "this" or I'm a "that". As you find out new things about yourself and what you can do, oftentimes you will change that label to some that has a bigger "coolness" factor or describes you better. This is a normal part of your development and it seems labels are inescapable, even in the ordinary world. Whether you realize it or not, virtually every moment of your life you have a label! When you walk outside to go to the store, you are a "pedestrian". When you get there, as you look on the shelves for what you need, you are a "shopper". Finally when you get to the cash register to pay, you are a "customer". Depending on what you are doing you are SOMETHING. Then there are labels based on relationships. You are a son, daughter, sister, brother, niece...etc... Finally, there are the labels based on how you view yourself or what you can do... I am a telekinetic, clairvoyant, shapeshifter.... etc...

"Otherkin" really refers to two types of is Shapeshifting and the other is Starseeds. There is nothing "fluffy" about either one of them and both are something to be proud of. You can be one or the other or both at the same time. Oftentimes if you have consciousness of being both, then your "form" or "forms" are determined by your "Star Race". (Starseeds are what is currently being referred to as "Celestials") It's important to try and be consistent about terminology to avoid confusion, and also to avoid creating new terms when they are not necessary.

Shapeshifting is a time honored tradition and comes in five different types, including mental. For me to say "I am an Elfkin" for example, really means: "I can mentally shapeshift into an Elf or Elven form" It may seem more long and convoluted, but it's more descriptive and helps people who are not familiar, understand it better. Are Elves part of some "Star Race" somewhere? In my mind, probably - but that is up to you as individuals to decide.

So what causes certain people to feel like they are associated with certain forms or Star Races? Answer: Quantum Entanglement! You can become "entangled" with things...
by Clotho at 3:12 PM
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Several features which were previously "VIP" features are now available to all members!

Everyone now has the capability of having a signature with a link. Only ONE link is allowed, so please choose CAREFULLY.

Also added is the ability to have a custom title under your name.

I don't believe that members should have to pay for "bells and whistles" and that as long as it does not interfere with other members, everyone should be free to express themselves as much as possible. As I find features of this type I will begin "unlocking" them for everyone.

At least one person has asked about blogging and classroom features. There is good news and bad...

The bad news is that these features cost extra, so I opted not to add them.

The good news is that (second site) is designed as an online school and community so these features WILL be available to those members that join the site. (Membership will be free and available to all, once the development of that site is completed.

For those who are qualified and wish to teach a class; once the org site is completed, I will need a syllabus from you. You will be responsible for creating your own course and content and will be given the appropriate permissions on the site. You may also charge for your course if you wish.