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by Luminis at 12:11 PM
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Hi, it´s me again. This part was reeealy long (precisely 2400 words, and nobody would read something that long) so I cut it and tried to explain it in shorter version in my own words, so there might be something that may not appear right. If that´s so, please tell it to me. There may be some grammar mistakes.

For those new to this serial and interested:

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Step 6: Dream Awareness and Reality Checks

So, basically all the text said was, that you need to train your awake attention. Try to be aware whole day, paying attention to everything that happens around you. Daydreaming and planning is fine, but what is not fine is when you don´t realize that you slipped from awareness into daydreaming. You know how for example you are in a car with the radio turned on, and suddenly you realize that you have no idea what was that guy talking about for the past few minutes, because you weren´t paying attention and completely didn´t realized it. You have to break that habit. If you learn to be aware while awake, you´ll quickly learn how to be aware when dreaming. It´s called being aware of your awareness. Concentration meditation helps a lot. I´m not going to explain how to meditate and if you don´t know how, search this site, there are plenty of good threads. It´s proven that people who practice meditation have more LDs and remember more of their regular dreams.

The next thing you´ll need to learn are reality checks (RCs). You have to repeat RCs throughout the entire day. This way, your subconscious will pick up the habit and you´ll do the reality check in your dream and realize that something is not how it should be. Pinching yourself, although one of the most known RCs, doesn´t actually work, because you can feel pain even in the dream. (Usually. It more works like you pinch yourself, you feel nothing but your brain convinces you that you felt it. But I´ve been shot several times in my dream, I´ve even had my stomach rinsed with acid and I felt nothing).

Here is a list of the most effective reality checks. (I have tested most of them, they really do work):

1. Test of Common Sense: This is the first and most common test. Observe your surroundings if you´ll see anything that logically shouldn´t be there. Ask yourself if this could happen in your real life. Search for contradictions. Are you somewhere you´ve never been to? Are you with people that live on the other side ot the Earth? Do you have an elephant in your kitchen? If yes, you are probably dreaming.

2. The Reading Test: One of the most reliable tests. Just look around you and find something to read. Read it, then look away and then read it again. If you are dreaming, the letters or numbers will change if you try it few times. It can be mangled, it can change completely or it will change the moment you are reading it. Everything that has some letters will work – a book, sign boards, address. A lot of people use numbers on their digital clock.

3. The Levitation/Flying Test: Another effective test. See if you are able to fly (note that this is not really good idea to try when awake). If you can´t fly, try levitating or slowly sliding above the ground. When you´ll have more LD experiences, this test may become your favorite (it sure is mine favorite). The downside of this test is that even if you can´t fly, you can still be dreaming. You can use this test along the others.

4. The Light Switch Test: Usually quite dependable test. Find a light switch and switch the light on and off. If it´s not working, there is a chance that you are dreaming. Try it a few times and closely observe when the light is switched on and off. If you are dreaming, the light usually doesn´t work for a while or will be switched on when the switch is in the off position and otherwise.

5. The Memory Test: Very useful, but almost unknown method. Simply go through your memory to the past, where have you been and what you were doing. Do as far as you can, and you´ll possibly find some contradictions. You can also find out that you have some block, like amnesia that blocks you from remembering. Then you will almost certainly know that you are in a dream (or that you went crazy. Those who saw Inception, it´s true. You can´t remember the beginning of a dream (unless you are invoking LD-I will talk about it later), you just got there, knew everything and started doing something).

6: The Mirror Test: Not very dependable, but it usually leads to interesting experience. Find a mirror and look at yourself, and ask yourself if you are dreaming. You can be surprised by what you see. Maybe you´ll look younger or older, you will have different hairstyle or you´ll look completely differently. (Frankly, I never did it, but it´s on my To Do List).

7. Test of Self-Observation: Another very useful test. Just closely look at your body. Inspect your hands, torso, legs, clothes. You usually instantly find out that you are dreaming because something is different with your body. Sometimes happens that even looking at your body will cause LD (and it´s also one of the techniques that will help you to stay in your dream once you go lucid).

8. The Phasing Test: Not the most dependable method, but can help. Try phasing your fingers through something solid, like wall, the doors or glass. You might not be successful, but later this can expand your ability to influence your dreams through your will.

9. The Gravity Test: Quite dependable test. Find something you can throw into the air and catch safely. Try throwing it a bit. Maybe you´ll find out that the object doesn´t act according to laws of physics. You can also try influencing the object with your will.

10. The Underwater Test: (My own creation). 95% of the time happens to me that I can breathe underwater. I just know I can do it. But this is nothing to be tested while awake, unless you are very skilled in hydrokinesis/aerokinesis. Please don´t try to breathe in water while awake, you´ll most likely drown. If you do, I don´t take any responsibility.

11: Questions for ´dream people´: This isn´t the best test when awake, but can be useful sometimes. If you try asking a real person if you are in a dream, he will most likely call you crazy, but it´s different in the dreams. Usually, the dream people deny that it´s a dream, but in a way you will certainly know that it is (I never experienced this, so I can´t give examples). They will never call you crazy, sometimes they even don´t understand what are you asking or will completely overlook you. Rarely they will even admit that it is a dream. Mostly, this will be another bizarre experience.

As I said earlier, the reality checks you be executed regularly during the entire day. The more they become your daily routine, the earlier they will appear in your dream. If we should choose three key words describing what you need to achieve your ability to go lucid, it would be awareness, awareness and awareness once more. Working on your awareness will have direct effect on your dreams. Once you´ll be more experienced in LD, you´ll find out that awareness combined with intent will be your ticket to the world of dreams.
by Though at 8:12 PM
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Wanted to share something I learned on my journey to improve my telekinesis. Specifically with meditation.

Meditation is something you have to do. No exception. If you're not doing well in the field of telekinesis or energy control it's probably because you're not mediating well enough or at all.

  • If you find a technique online that you don't understand just ignore it
    • Don't stress yourself with learning someone else's technique, it will cause distress and self blame if it doesn't work for you.
  • Know when to meditate
    • Being emotional, being in physical pain, being stress..etc. All things that might hinder a meditation session
  • Focusing is not the same as thinking
    • In my opinion anyway
  • Don't trust everything you read. Find the answers yourself
    • Even this post is not exempt from this rule :)
  • Have patience
    • Ya you've heard this only 1 million times. Yes it's annoying, but you have to deal without. muscles don't grow themselves.

No Nonsense Meditation Technique
  • Usual stuff
    • Find a quiet spot and make sure read my second bullet under tips
  • Close your eyes
    • Self explanatory
  • Just stare and don't open your eyes

That's it.Yes it's that simple. No special visualization or differently levels

Last tip
  • Emptying the mind and thinking of nothing

Best advice I can give is don't try to think of nothing when meditating. What I mean by this is that trying to think of nothing often leads people to frustration because it can be pretty hard with this nonstop world of ours to stop.When you meditate keep thinking. This may sound counter intuitive but forcing yourself to go "blank" just doesn't work for some.

Rather than trying to think about nothing, focus on nothing. After awhile you wont even notice your thoughts.

Hope this helps someone